Dear Guest, we ask you to consider the following

(enclosed and undersigned with the lease)

The following rules have the exclusive task to simplify service organisation, discipline the use of the property in common and safeguard the well-being of everyone.
Therefore no exceptions will be taken into account.

Use of the apartments and property in common:

In our holiday houses, rest is very important: it is your duty to behave by respecting this expectation common to all our guests.

The apartment cannot be occupied by a number of clients higher that that indicated on the contract.

The guest is obliged to keep and leave the apartment in order, in every moment of his stay.

Rubbish must be gathered in bags or containers and placed in the municipal large rubbish containers, situated on the streets.

It is forbidden:

To move furniture or supplies from one apartment to another.

To light fires of any kind and behave in such a way as to cause danger to oneself and others.

To cook in any other place than the cooking corner.

To eat meals in places not destined for this.

To hang out washing on windows or balconies so modifying the aesthetic of the houses.

To leave children unattended.

To use the common areas in a different way from that destined.

To allow animals in the apartments if not authorised, and, even worse, to leave them unattended.

Apartment delivery:

The Client must leave the apartment between 8.30 and 10.00 a.m. of the last day of lease. Due to obvious reasons, derogations are not allowed, each delay will undergo a conventional fine for each hour or fraction of the same. If you desire to prolong your stay, ask the availability at our booking centre; it would be a pleasure for us to content you by offering very advantageous conditions. In order to simplify the apartment restitution procedures, it is advisable to communicate to the reception office the restitution time the day before leaving.

Before leaving our employee will control the general state of the apartment.

The state of the furniture and possible damages will be verified. The results will be examined and the occupant will be obliged to pay for damages according to the price list in force displayed at reception.

The apartment must be re-consigned in the same conditions in which it was handed over.

Before leaving, the occupants must clean the cooking corner and fridge (not included in the expenses), dishes, cutlery and saucepans that must be re-consigned, as found on the day of arrival, on the table of the dining room.

All dirty linen must be gathered and placed in pillow cases and put in the bathroom.

The management cannot be held responsible for the objects and values left in the apartments, inside cars, in the parking area or, in general, in the commune spaces of the house.

Those who will behave by violating the above mentioned dispositions, will be obliged to pay for the damages caused.

… for any necessity or problem you could have during your stay, our offices in loco and the main office in Sondrio are at your disposition: 0342.510.000 (from Monday to Friday, office time).